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Legacy Class XXXV - Project Team 3

Pact to ACT (All Cleaning Together)

Name of Team Captain: Jennifer Foster

Team Member Names: Norma Chism, Ken Austin, Glenn Cain, Martie McEnerney, Thomas Rains

Agency Assisted: Montgomery Clean City Commission

Project’s Thematic Area: Civic Engagement, Community Improvement, Public Education, Improving Montgomery's Image

Project Location: 20-25 Montgomery Public School Campuses Yearly

Date(s) of Implementation Procuring rally points: Two weeks preceding the beginning of each school year.

Duration of Project: Ongoing

Who was served by the project?

The teachers and children who attend MPS schools will benefit from this program as well as the neighborhoods that surround the schools. Approximately one half of MPS schools will be served every other year through the Pact to ACT program.

How many people benefited?

The students and teachers at the schools will benefit from the improved exterior and welcoming entrance. However,the entire community around the schools will be strengthened by the more pleasing curb appeal and clean outdoor space at the entrance to each school. For example, over 1,000 people including students, teachers, and family members benefited from our clean-up day at Vaughn Road Elementary.

Final project description:

Our Leadership Montgomery Project Team was tasked with the responsibility of partnering with the Montgomery Clean City Commission to evaluate, organize, plan, promote and strengthen the annual school clean-up program, Pact to ACT. The culmination of our project was a Pact to ACT clean up at Vaughn Road Elementary School on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at 1 pm. This clean up served as a model for future clean ups in both planning and implementation as well as promotion.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

Pact to ACT will be a yearly project connecting volunteers to local MPS schools for outside clean-up before the beginning of each school year. For the upcoming school year, the Montgomery Clean City Commission has already received 27 applications from MPS schools through the new online registration process. Of the 27 applications, there are 13 new schools who are requesting clean up. MC3 is now working to promote Pact to ACT, recruit volunteers and match those volunteers with a school. It is our hope that the processes we established will be sustainable to both MC3 and MPS as they seek to create lovely outdoor spaces for our children to learn.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

Month One: Discuss past successes/failures and decide what projects need to be included in Pact to ACT.

Month Two: Develop an application process, online application, and timeline for Pact to ACT. Rename the program Pact to ACT to represent the commitment of community volunteers to the local schools.

Month Three: Develop and implement a marketing strategy and public relations tool kit including a new logo, press releases, social media texts, email templates, form letters, etc.

Month Four: Build the existing volunteer database by contributing new contact information. Create a sustainable strategy for recruiting volunteers.

Month Five: Invite an MPS school to test the process (Vaughn Road Elementary School).

Month Six: Recruit a test group of volunteers (Heritage Baptist Church).

Month Seven: Participate in a school clean-up at the test school. Produce a video of the day to use in promotion. Invite local news stations to cover the model clean-up day. (WAKA)

Ongoing: Implementation of processes and strategies for identifying schools, recruiting volunteers and promoting Pact to ACT.

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project? 

Initial Meeting at Leadership Montgomery Retreat: 6 people @ 1 hr = 6 hrs
September Meeting: 6 people @ 1 hr = 6 hrs
October Meeting: 5 people @ 1 hr = 5 hrs
November Meeting: 5 people @ 1 hr = 5 hrs
February Meeting: 5 people @ 1 hr = 5 hrs
March Meeting: 4 people @ 1 hr = 4 hrs
March Clean Up: 17 people @ 2 hrs = 34 hrs
Various Electronic Communication: 6 people @ 3 hrs = 18 hrs
Creation of Online Application: 1 person @ 3 hrs = 3 hrs
Creation of Public Relations Tool Kit: 2 people @ 3hrs = 6 hrs
Creation of the Promotional Video: 1 person @ 6hrs = 6 hrs
Creation of New Logo: 1 person @ 4 hrs = 4 hrs
Shopping for Plants: 2 people @ 1 hr = 2 hrs

TOTAL HOURS = 104 hours

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