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Legacy Class XXXV - Project Team 4

Tie & Doll Inc. - Goodwyn Middle School
Leadership Project

Name of Team Captain: Rebecca Williams

Team Member Names: Mo Capouano, Gina Ishman, Bo Milan, Lige' Shears, Janeese Spencer, Jim Trull

Agency Assisted: Tie and Doll, Incorporated

Project’s Thematic Area: Public Education

Project Location: Goodwyn Middle School

Date(s) of Implementation: November 28th to April 24th

Duration of Project: 6 months

Who was served by the project?

Select students at Goodwyn Middle School.

How many people benefited?

Nineteen directly and numerous indirectly due to the impact from participating students sharing their leadership skills.

Final project description:

The mission and vision of the Tie & Doll project is: To mentor youth and build their self-esteem, empower them to lead courageously, give generously and enrich themselves culturally. Mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development and social and economic opportunity so that they can make intelligent choices and be a positive influence in their respective communities.

Project Plan A:

Tie and Doll Goal: To expand the Leadership program that will be offered to potential student leaders at Goodwyn Middle School to one additional MPS Middle School.

Our team's concern with Plan A:
- Sustainability of plan
- Amended Plan A
- We reached out to MPS to extend an invitation to all MPS middle school principals and counselors to attend a lunch or early dinner to include a brief presentation of the current program. The presentation would include a testimony of the program benefits from Curtis Black, the principal at Goodwyn, and former student participant testimonies. The goal of the presentation was to invite the counselors to shadow the current program so they could implement in their respective schools the following year.
- Amended Plan A was unsuccessful. After multiple attempts, we did not receive a response from MPS.

To address the concerns, our team developed Plan B which consisted of four major goals:
1. To provide and develop a professional tool to empower all ten of the Middle Schools in Montgomery County to implement the Tie and Doll Leadership Development Program.
2. To implement a system and strategy that was sustainable.
3. To expand the reach of the program.
4. To empower students to embrace and broaden their leadership skills.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

For all MPS Middle Schools to have all the resources needed to implement the Tie & Doll Leadership program in their respective school. In addition, expanding leadership skills among middle schoolers organically by giving program graduates a leadership challenge.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

Our group met monthly at Goodwyn School to teach leadership development lessons to a select group of 19 students. Each member on our team assisted with teaching two lessons. All team members were asked to attend each of the six sessions.

The topics taught included:
- First Impressions
- Communication
- Teams & Teamwork
- Diversity
- Manners, Style, & Confidence
- Leadership Challenge & Awards Luncheon

We were given a $1,000 budget by Traci Howell, the founder of Tie & Doll. This funding was donated by Legacy Class XXXIV team members who implemented this project at Goodwyn Middle School last year.
We used the funds to purchase:
- Polo shirts with the Tie & Doll logo for each student participant. The purpose of the shirt was for these students to be recognized as leaders in their school and to create curiosity among their peers as to what this program is about.
- Catered lunch from Dreamland BBQ for the luncheon.
- Printing and binding of twenty copies of the curriculum.
- Jump drives with curriculum in a digital format and a promotional video of program highlights and testimonials.
- Packaging of the curriculum & jump drives.

During the course project, our team was able to secure funding to sustain the Tie & Doll program. Inspired Insurance Outreach committee donated $400. In addition, our project team members donated $175, leaving $575 to continue the program.

A celebration event is planned off site for students to celebrate their accomplishments and practice what they learned. This event will take place April 24th. We will provide each student with a professional certificate of completion that we designed. In addition, we will promote a Leadership Challenge to each student upon graduation. Students will be given a commitment card that we also designed to list two things they learned from participating in the program and how they will use what they learned.

To provide all MPS middle schools with the resources needed to implement the Tie & Doll program, we developed and packaged a Professional "Tie and Doll" Leadership tool to be given to all Montgomery County Middle Schools for implementation. We reproduced twenty professional packets, which include all teaching lessons, a thumb drive with video of closing celebration, monthly workshop sessions, student testimonials, and a letter from the Director of Tie and Doll.

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project?

Approximately 30 volunteer hours were devoted to this project.

- Planning meetings: 7 hours
- Email, text, and phone communications: 3 hours
- Class meetings at Goodwyn: 12 hours
- Preparing final project & graduation: 8 hours

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