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Legacy Class XXXV - Project Team 5

Community Garden

Name of Team Captain: Bo Jinright

Team Member Names: Michael Coleman, Ramona Harris, Elyce Morris, Eden Thornton, Kyle Waites

Agency Assisted: Forest Park Ministry

Project’s Thematic Area: Community Improvement, Poverty & the Less Fortunate

Project Location: Forest Park Ministry Annex 1551 East Anne St., Montgomery, AL

Date(s) of Implementation: Sept. 7, 2018 to April 13, 2019

Duration of Project: 7 months 

Who was served by the project? 

Low income residents of Montgomery and surrounding communities will benefit from the garden.

How many people benefited? 

Approximately 1,000-2,000 people will benefit from the fresh food grown in the garden.

Final project description:

The realization of a community garden is what Forest Park Ministry hopes to bring to its East Anne Street property. Currently a "Client Choice" food pantry resides on this site. This is a place where those in need can purchase various food items. Before this project, a variety of items were available, but families did not have choices that included fresh produce.

The project team and our partners selected the rear of the property for the location for the garden. A total of ten (10) raised beds were installed. The raised beds are four-feet wide by fifteen-feet long providing six hundred square feet of fresh harvest soil.

Once the project completes, Eastern Hills Baptist Church will maintain the community garden. To ensure that the design and scope of the garden aligns with Eastern Hills' ability to maintain the garden, the team worked collaboratively with a representative from the church. Members of the Eastern Hills church joined the team during its initial work day, trimming trees and helping clear the space in various ways.

Bubba's Materials and Major Oil Company each donated ten yards of topsoil.

The Montgomery Clean City Commission donated a garbage truck for debris removal on the first work day and provided the use of tools for volunteers who were clearing the garden space of overgrowth and debris.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

This is an ongoing service to the community, and Eastern Hills Baptist Church and Forest Park Ministry will maintain the community garden.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

The project unfolded in several stages as follows:

- Phase 1: Surveying the space, proposing a design and gaining stakeholder feedback
- Phase 2: Clearing and preparing the space for the garden; securing donated materials and volunteers to help prep the space
- Phase 3: Finalizing the types of seeds to plant, constructing the garden beds; planting the garden; securing donated materials and/or funds for the construction of the garden
- Phase 4: Several work days to construct the garden beds and plant the garden
- Phase 5: Transition the Community Garden to the Forest Park Ministry and Eastern Hills Baptist Church

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project?

94 hours

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